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  • And if you cross me, if you continue this ridiculous refusal of my lord's proposal, then I promise you, all three of them will hang. It was of the utmost importance that she stick to herself as much as possible.
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  • He growled and kissed her possessively before pulling his head back all the time his hips rocked against hers. Well, I never intended to keep him forever, Ted hedged.
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    And you know what my mother always said of them--they begin with a glimmer of half-truth, and swell into spurious notion in the incessant retelling.


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  • I ll have Jacob and Kyle Matters take over those.

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  • This isn t funny, Kenneth, he grumbled, noting the older man s amusement. It d been a long time since she d seen a colored photograph, so she blinked a couple of times to make sure she was seeing it right.
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  • The headache in Ted s head intensified with each slide of that obnoxious cup. One of his hands settled against her breast, his palm and fingers matching the pace of his hips, and she moaned, arching her back.
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    Kenley smiled as he settled his tricorne atop his head. The woman gave her a strange look then shook her head.
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  • He had such a promising future ahead of him and he blew it by making the wrong decision. The tollbooth guy's voice rumbled just outside, asking to see ID.
  • Jason knew that if the male Vampires got a hold of Elsa, they would do unthinkable things to her. Lucas could feel Elsa s pain and Linda s helpless terror.
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